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Tech.Awards 2018 - And the winner is...

...still to be announced. But Retail Week has published its shortlist of finalists for the Tech. Awards which are part of the two day Tech. festival in September 2018 in London celebrating great innovations in retail technology.

SO1 is proud to be chosen as one of the finalists in the category AI Pioneer as well as Personalization Pioneer - along with other selected teams.

SO1’s mission is to revolutionize the grocery retail industry, in particular the brick-and-mortar world with intelligent and personalized 1:1 promotional offers. We have a great team working continuously on researching the most efficient ways to create promotions tailored to single customers, for millions of customers at a time.

Supported by leading tech investors we are crafting the technology which will shape the transformation of retail in the near future. Our passion is combined in the two most promising trends in the industry, Artificial Intelligence and Personalization. In offline grocery, both are relatively unexplored and show huge potential for retailers to thrive in the new age of digitized retail and automated processes. When applied in the right way it will boost sales as well as customer happiness at the same time. The time is now for brick-and-mortar retail to smartly customize their offerings to individual consumer's needs and preferences.

PS: SO1 is one of the driving forces of retailer digitalization. We have created a very powerful AI for retail which is capable of personalizing promotions for users in real-time and across devices. The SO1 Engine sources the entire portfolio of the retailer and automatically selects the right products for each individual consumer and adjusts discounts such that revenue, profit, or consumer satisfaction are maximized. To learn more, reach out to:
US Sales: Patricia A. Cucinelli, cucinelli@so1.ai, +1 917 757 6221
EU Sales: Stephan Visarius, visarius@so1.ai, +49 160 93 59 69 95


Lelia Hanslik

Lelia Hanslik

After finishing her B.Sc. in Mathematics and Psychology, Lelia takes care of Business Analytics and Business Development at SO1.

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